Circular Business Model Canvas: Step By Step Notion Template

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Upgrade your circular business strategy with the world's first Circular Business Model Canvas for Notion

With the same structure as the original business model canvas, this Notion template takes it a step further by helping you integrate circularity and sustainability impact into your business model.

Each section of the template gives you guidance on how to create circular business models, opening up new opportunities to explore the customer benefits of increased circularity.

Whether you are transforming an established company's existing business model or developing a startup idea from scratch, this Notion Template is your go-to resource.

The template will help you to:

✅ Develop circular business models that create value and positive impact for your customers as well as society and the environment.

✅ Think about and understand circularity when developing new business models and how it differs from traditional business models.

✅ Structure your business model development work to ensure that you have all the components you need for a circular business case.

The template is perfect for:

– Impact driven entrepreneurs: By giving you a simple framework that helps you understand how to create circular business models for your business or your clients.

— Business developers and consultants: Who are new to the circular economy concept and wish to learn more on how you can help your clients create circular business models.

– Sustainability practitioners, change-makers or leaders: By giving you a tool that help exemplify and translate what circular business models can look like.

– Product managers: By helping you create products and services that not only serve your clients, but also society and the environment.

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Circular Business Model Canvas: Step By Step Notion Template

0 ratings
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