Jobs-To-Be-Done Made Easy: Step By Step Notion Template

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The Jobs-to-be-done (JTBD) framework is a powerful way to understand the goals and problems of your customers or users. It has been written about by Harvard Business Review and many others.

The framework helps you gain a deeper understanding of your customers or users, to help you create more valuable products.

With this Notion template, you get an easy to use, step-by-step guide, on how to apply JTBD.

This template will help you to:

✅ Identify and map your customer goals, motivations and challenges using the Jobs to Be Done framework.

✅ Easily summarize and gain an overview of your customer meetings, interviews, observations, or survey results.

✅ Gain a clear picture of your customers' needs and preferences, to create products and services that address their pain points.

The template is perfect for:

– Entrepreneurs: By giving you a simple framework for identifying market needs and help you create solutions that truly resonate with customers.

– Designers: By helping you understand the problems that users face, and the goals they are trying to achieve.

– Marketers: By helping you craft messaging that speaks directly to the problems your customers are trying to solve.

– Product managers: By helping you understand the needs and motivations of your customers, to prioritize and make better product decisions.

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Jobs-To-Be-Done Made Easy: Step By Step Notion Template

1 rating
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